Please reach out to learn more about my school visits and portfolio critiques. I would love to hear from you!

Here’s an overview of what I currently offer:

Virtual School Visits

Character Design Workshop - Middle School & High School Levels

      Step-by-step instruction to guide students in creating unique characters with broad audience appeal.

      Student Learning Outcomes:
          •Apply the principles of shape and proportion to convey character’s gender/identity, age, and human/animal attributes.
          •Apply three-dimensional thinking to give character life and believability.
          •Apply distinguishing details to show personality and emotion.

          Duration: 60 minutes
          For details and fees:


Narrative Illustration Workshop - High School Level

      Step-by-step instruction in creating visual storytelling with believability and appeal for a specific audience.

      Student Learning Outcomes:
          •Apply Setting to establish a sense of place.
          •Apply Pose—gesture and expression—to convey character's actions and reactions.
          •Apply Framing and Point-of-View to put readers at the scene.

          Duration: 60 minutes
          Optional: Follow-up critique
          For details and fees:

      Example: Thumbnail Sketches — completed during workshop with prompt for further development in full-color


      Example: Preliminary sketch & colorization — completed after workshop for optional critique

Virtual Portfolio Critiques

For Children’s Publishing   - Beginning & Intermediate Levels

      Consultation on visual storytelling, character design, marketability, and portfolio organization.

      What you will need:
          •Portfolio Website with your strongest work.
          •Ability to receive positive, constructive feed-back. 
          •Commitment to grow as a professional illustrator.

      What you will gain:
          •Understanding of the picture book, middle grade, and/or young adult markets.
          •Specific advice on strong character design. 
          •Insider tips on effective visual storytelling.
          •Individualized advice on how to organize your online portfolio for multiple audiences, including industry professionals, teachers, librarians, and the general public.

          Fee: $75.00
          Duration: 60 minutes
          For details: